A man was walking through a Gallery of Surreal Art when he saw a sculpture by Evan Penny.  He came at it from the side and it seemed to be the profile of a real person, a head and face almost six feet high and suspended from the wall.  The facial features were clearly visible from the Fonzie hair style to the large and luscious lips, underscored by a large but not excessive chin. 

He walked closer and saw that the security guard, a man of over six feet himself, with a crewcut, a goatee and glasses on a round face atop a portly body, was  talking to another man and a young boy. 

Now almost up to the sculpture he waked past the profile and realized that it was a three  dimensional portrait, although the head seemed squeezed and  elongated.  As he examined the sculpture, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the man with the boy, the boy laughing and the man slightly olive skinned but having a Fonzie haircut, prominent lips and a square chin on a long face, the neck hidden by the collar of a leather jacket he was wearing over jeans and black pointed boots. 

In that instant, he suddenly perceived that the face on the wall was simply a grotesque distortion of this man’s face.  He turned and stared but managed to look away, embarrassed when the man shifted his gaze toward him.  The man and the little boy walked away laughing. 

He turned to the guard and said, “Did you see that guy?  He looks almost exactly like the sculpture!”  The guard smiled and chortled, “Oh he’s a guy from the neighbourhood around here.  I see him and his young son every day almost.  They love it in here.  Interesting observation, though.”  The guard seemed to give him an ironic look as he looked away.  Was the guard laughing at him? 

He still felt unsettled and after a few more moments, he left the smiling guard and made his way to the exit, feeling that something strange had just transpired.  He could not shake the feeling and when he left he saw another security guard on the outside.  He stopped and said to him, “I just had the strangest experience in there…The security guard in there I could swear was …”  

“What security guard?”  The new guard asked. 

“The one next to the Evan Penny sculpture.  I just stopped to ask him…” 

Again, the new guard interrupted, “there is no security guard stationed at the sculpture.  We do not stand next to individual works of art.” 

“But I saw him, he was over six feet, had a crewcut, a goatee and glasses and….actually he looked a lot like you.” 

The security guard gave him an ironic smile.   “We tend to have the same body type…that’s why we are all security guards and people who look like you are tourists.” 

He felt somehow unsettled again and hurried to the building exit where he stopped to talk to a woman who had the appearance of being important.  

“I just wanted to report to you an experience I had in your contemporary art exhibit.  The security guards there …” 

“You mean the ones with crewcuts, goatees and glasses?” 

“Yes, yes, precisely! I had a couple of weird conversations with them that maybe you can help…” 

She laughed and cut him off. “Those are not security guards.  They are actors hired to play a part.” 

He was astonished.  “And what about the other tourist and his son?” 

“Holographic projections,” she said as she took his arm and led him to the front door.  “And you too have played your role well.  We are training our actors to become security guards.” 

“Played my role?”  

She said.  “This was to prepare you for the world outside.  I expect you have learned your lesson.” 

“But what was the lesson?  What was I to have learned.” 

“Everything that is real is not and vice versa.” 

With that she gently nudged him through the revolving door and he found himself on the street, watching the passing traffic.