Would you give some money to my school?
The black boy said
And by the way you have a giant chicken in your bush.

A giant chicken?  Well maybe it’s a goose.
You see it there?  I was scared to come too close.
The shadow of its head’s as tall as me.

I looked again and saw a shadow in the cedar.
My neighbour stuck his head just out his door.
Yep, he said, wild turkey’s standing this side of the bush.

Wild turkey!  Yeah and babies too.
The neighbours flocked around like seagulls to a meal.
What’s a turkey doing here?

Where’d she come from, where’s she goin’?
And why’d she stop beside your house?
Does she eat too much?

I’ve got no flowers, just the cedars and some grass.
Nothing much to gobble here.
She better watch for cats.

I’d like to see the cats get past her watch,
She’d peck them down to size.
What about raccoons?

Oh she’ll protect her own.
Just feed them corn and get them fat for eating later on.
I’ll call the pest control, I’ll get my gun, let’s chase and have some fun.

The bird charged the people hissing.
The cats watched and licked their paws,
The neighbours and the boys from school were all out pointing.

The chicks ran with their half formed wings outstretched for balance
Little balls of fuzz scurrying across the grass after their mother
Who strolled stately by all of us.

And who would first eat up this sweet innocence?
The prowling cats padding round the yard?
Or us, the mob, with raucous laughs and fingers on the dial to call the City pest removal?