Mother I am getting old, I feel so very cold.

The blood does not flow where once it rushed.

The toes are blue while the face is flushed.

Mother, wife, o daughter mine

Hug me tight, in my arms entwine.

Do not let me slip into the river

The moving world that flows beneath my feet.

Keep me snuggled in your breast

Oh god I want to rest.

No place for me here?

I’ll dig a hole to China

And pass through molten magma

And burn these bones into your memory like charred remains

I am digging a pit to cover me with earth the size of pyramids

I am tunneling into the ground like a worm

And excrete stone monuments to stand above me.

The winter snow will cover me like a blanket that I draw up to my chin.

The summer sun beats down and I am cool in the moist soil.

The breeze is a gentle breath I can feel on my non-existent cheeks.

You cannot give birth to me, I have closed your womb behind me

And in your dark depths, I will be anchored

Unless god himself is the doctor that pulls me out.

Screaming like a child that wants to stay in his mother

And scrabbles his way back into a mine,

Oh mother, my mother, I am thine.