I walked along the precipice of Niagara Falls, 


Felt the fierce force of the flood as it plunged into the gorge, 


The rush and rumble of rapids and the roaring of the river falling 


I walked along a tightrope stretched between now and then 


Between a desire to dive into the foam and a wish to flee, 


Drawn by a will to submit, to abandon all 


And the still small voice that called me home. 



And near Niagara Falls, I walked along the green wet grass, 


Surrounded by the deep golden hue of ripened maples 


Dropping each leaf slowly, savoring every loss 


Like a sacrifice 


And framing the sky into a deeper blue 


That invited me to dive upward and lose myself in a vast azure dome 


Whispering, “come to me” 


And contending with the pull of gravity. 



And near Niagara Falls, my eyes were thirsty vessels drinking up the sight of swirling water 


The racing of the current toward the edge and pushing rocks and trees aside. 


The geese swam wisely in the quiet channel near the shore 


The seagulls raced and dove like bombers into the abyss 


Where the might of flowing streams could turn the turbines and the wheels of industry 


While gently launching spray into the clear blue air 


Little drops that each split the light into shards of colour 


Coming together into the arc of rainbows 


Stretching languidly across the canyon, 


Without whose calming presence 


We would perhaps all leap into the fray. 



And looking at Niagara Falls at night, the search lights shining on the streaming curtain 


I stand on my balcony and breathe the high air at the twenty-first floor 


Like a cool drink after a day of striving 


And think of how to tell you my friends I love you. 


How to send golden thoughts to you like single leaves across the distance 


Moving as slowly as the trees 


To savour each personal gift of love as it rises 


To feel every spasm of my heart 


As a sacrifice to your innate goodness 


I am diving into each of you and never want to reach bottom. 


I am filling you up to surfeit until you must give back the love I have sent to you. 


And can you feel the many colours of the rainbow joy and sadness that arcs from you to me 



At Niagara Falls?