Today was another workday.  I was briefing my colleague Farah, who just came back from Somalia on what had transpired in his absence and discussing what remains to be done.  I went over and corrected the French translation of most of the handouts we use in the training sessions and just have the list of resources in French to review tomorrow.  Then we schedule the French training sessions. 

In the middle of this, I got a phone call from a French station, trying to arrange for a visit to a synagogue for a group of francophone kids, where a rabbi would explain the high holidays and give information on the Jewish community in Ottawa – not as easy as it sounds!  I’m trying to reach one of the Lubavitch rebbes who was born and brought up in Paris.  His French is excellent. 


I went to the Gym this evening and ran about 5 and a quarter miles on the treadmill in about an hour.  That’s much faster than outside but then the surface is so much softer, there is no wind or strong burning sun and there are no hills.  So that was good.  I am still trying to get down to 240 and less.  We’ll see.  That would be about 12 to 14 pounds less than at the Jarvis reunion last may.  There was a smell in the Change Room that was very strong – almost like nail polish remover.  I found out later they had varnished the floors in the large gym but my clean T-shirt, which I took out for a second smelled completely like varnish when I got home.  I wonder what my lungs were like! 

I am tired from the running although I do not have to contend with an insect bite this time.  I got one yesterday along the river!  There must be a bug there that lives only off me.   Now it is time for me to drop off and wish you all a peaceful slumber.