Isn’t it amazing but every day lately has been today.  And gorgeous to boot.  How were you on this fine sunny day? I did my exercise thing in the cool of the morning and went six miles along the canal.  I actually ran 2 and a half miles as fast as I could (not that fast!) and then jogged and walked the rest of the way.  The bike path was packed because of Labour Day and I was being constantly passed by bikers and roller bladers.  In fact one woman did the unforgiveable and passed me on the right without ringing a bell or giving any other warning.  She could have killed me if I had decided to move over to the right or if simply tripped a step in that direction.  If she had a licence, I would have taken it down. 

There were not many runners but a lot of people walking with their children or their dogs.  Very friendly and pleasant. Michael, my nephew got here at noon and we had a great lunch together.  We also had supper as a family unit, which we haven’t done around here for a long time.  It was actually fun. 

After lunch Michael and I went out to do some errands.  The OCTranspo stations were open for purchase of bus passes today, probably because school starts tomorrow but in the end we opted for bus tickets at the 7-11.  The line ups at the station were very long. 

When we got back, I was feeling really tired from the running and the running around so went for a nice pleasant nap.  I didn’t get up til supper and had a good rest.   

Tomorrow, it’s back to the grind.