Remember how you felt when your dream girl shot you down?

Did she have to wash her hair? Did she have to do her nails and watch them dry? Was she busy cleaning lint from between her toes? Maybe she just walked past like you weren’t there.
Well now you never have to feel that way again! You can have revenge On snobby girls too stuck up to look your way, On girls who looked too good Or were too smart for your dumb ass.
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Your first night with our special cream And girls will seek you out.  Don’t leave the house without some dabs of cream behind the ears, They’ll sniff you from yards away Like dogs in heat.
Once they catch the smallest whiff, They’re done like toast. You can have them come at you in droves So make sure to choose the hottest one.
You can have all this for our generous free offer And a small honorary fee of forty dollars.  Sex Allure will be yours, Registered trade mark pending.
Supplies are low so hurry up And send your money order to our store         At Station A, Box 404.
And one thing more:
For those who want more than sex We include a free added spray That guarantees their love Is pure.
And as an added bonus Just send us all your personal information And we’ll include the names of women Who are out there now just looking for men.
Offer void where prohibited And results only guaranteed if used According to tiny print on small instruction booklet  Included in the package.