I slip between the blades of grass

Slide down the sharp edges of today

And numb myself on stones with pointy ends,

Piercing the shiny surface of my skin like a bubble.

There is no pop, just the slow dribble of coagulating liquid

Marking its red road down my leg like indelible ink.

Although the scars of daily living are long to heal

Now that I am older,

Over time, they disappear from the smooth cover of my body.

But when I die and am placed on slabs

Just peel it back and you will see

The deep valleys where old wounds have sunk into my flesh

And carved my body into kingdoms.

The heavy blows of insults

And the soft caressing incision of the careful word.

Just spin me on a stereo

And the diamond needle will follow the grooves

Until you hear a growing voice

That starts slow but accelerates

And tells you all there is to know

Except my love and joy

Whose careful jottings are within my heart

Or in the ether, floating, with my soul.