I saw Shalom Ottawa today and on the show, when I made it I felt not more relaxed but more energized than with previous ones.  It came across  particularly with Benita who was very animated.  I had more fun doing the interview with her too.  Anyway, the main thing for me was to advertise the Yiddish production and if I succeeded then it will have been a job well done.  Our tens of viewers will write in!  


It was such a strange variable day for me.  In some ways this day had more hours in it than it should have.  I slept during large swaths of it, but I dreamed so that in my dreams, months and years flowed by.  I was born, grew up, moved to Ottawa, found work.   I saw it all as if in slow motion.  And then I would wake up, look at the clock and 15 minutes would have elapsed.  I would drift off again and then dream it again but in a different sequence and I moved to Ottawa before I was born. 

I went out and exercised but I only ran about a mile.  It was very humid and stifling and the dogs would bark crazily whenever I went by.   So I switched to walking and made it another couple of miles – I did three miles altogether until the heat and humidity closed in on me, the dark thunder clouds lowered their faces to the earth and a few drops fell on my face. 


I came in, showered and lay down on the couch to continue cooling off.  I fell asleep again and had the same lengthy dream.  I seemed to slip in and out of sleep for hours.   I kept on thinking of the line, “your face is engraved on the inside of my eyelids.”  Great line, just have to find the occasion to use it.  


My boss apparently came in to my office on Friday and asked where I was.  My colleague, in order to cover for me, claimed I was at a meeting to discuss issues relating to language teaching.   So I am going to write a note detailing the discussion I had with a former colleague of mine with over 30 years of teaching experience who had also worked on curriculum for the Toronto School Board. 

It was a very interesting discussion and much was accomplished.  We discussed the question of how to evaluate spoken language and the risks inherent in putting the emphasis on cultural or personal traits, which could bias judgment, especially if criteria such as “classroom participation” are used.


When I returned to my computer this evening, I discovered that my e-mail is not working properly.  One message was hung up in the ether and I have received no other messages since. 

I will return to my web mail to see if any other mail has come in which has not made it through to my hard drive. 


Soon I will return to sleeping and you can Iimagine if you will my slumbering lumbering body, asleep and dreaming and sated with a life lived many times over.