Hi there.


I’ve just come home after another day full of activity, some of which was actually enjoyable.  I went to a staff meeting today and learned more about what kind of people work in our organization.  On the bright side, they are almost all people who are strongly motivated to help others.  On the negative side, well, I could go on so I won’t.  Our e-mail is screwed because we are half-way between two providers.  One takes care of our “in” mail and one takes care of our “out” mail.  The “out” mail provider has decided that they will no longer serve us unless we switch completely to them and has started to treat all of our “out” mail like spam so when I send a message from my jfs account, it stays in the out box and never moves.  I get tons of “in” mail which is useless because I cannot respond.   Our administrative assistant is aware of this and promises to fix the problem “any time now”, or in Yiddish terms, “when the Messiah comes”. 


My annoyance and impatience might have translated into my jci messages but I hope most people did not notice.  I am probably too subtle. 


I had another rehearsal of my scene with my “brother” in the play and we’re getting quite spontaneous.  Then I went to a work out where I ran 5 miles and played some basketball.  Apparently my lost weight is a partial illusion due to an error in the scales the other days.  I have almost the same amount of meat, it’s just more tightly packed. 


From there I went to teach for Rabbi Garten and gave a lecture on …..wait for it…..the Holocaust!  More light fare before the end of the evening.  Well at least the session finished with quotes from jokes the Jews told in the Ghetto.  Where is it you cannot have fun? 


Because I got there early I also got to sit in on a class on Jewish ethics during which I dozed off a bit although I am sure the topic is fascinating.  The class was taught by a friend of mine who has suffered some kind of neurological disaster and from a normal person, he has transformed into a guy who has to get around with a special chair and walker with wheels and has only partial control over one half of his face.  You’d think the doctors could figure out what he had but no!  No signs of a stroke, no tumour, no signs of known diseases.  What the hell is it?  The guy is 55 and really had zilch symptoms before January when it started, rapidly deteriorating to the middle of March although now there seems to be a very slow recovery setting in.  The only thing his doctors have said, “they’re not sure but it MAY be viral.”  Is that good or bad?  Who knows? 


Might as well say it is the work of an evil spirit.  


But now it I am home and on my computer and moving inexorably forward in the space-time continuum to the conjunction of physical presence with you.  Sounds like fun eh? 




Until the intersection of our pathways through the universe – live long and prosper.