It has been a busy few days.  My nephew, Michael, arrived from Vancouver and I picked him up from the airport at 12:30 a.m.  He was supposed to arrive at midnight on Thursday and I arrived there early.  When I had to go to the bathroom, I ran in, did my business and ran out.  But there was a ticket for $55 on my window already.  They must have been watching me because they only had a few minutes to write the ticket while I was gone.  Apparently that was plenty of time.

After that, I just left the ticket on the windshiled, went in and bought myself some coffee.  Might as well.  I had already paid for the privilege!

I wrote a few interjections on the jci site and I had some correspondence with James.  Olaf is like a hit and run unit in the army.  He drops some bombs then heads for the hills.  At least, he stimulates me to think some things through and organize my ideas - very handy.

Michael was here for a few days and he and I went out to a movie Friday night.  We saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, the latest epic in the series.  It was a fun ride as long as one didn’t take it too seriously.   It is interesting that the main place of interest was “el Dorado”, the city of gold, the same place that figured prominently in the Indiana Jones knockoff, National Treasure.  Did they steal from each other?

The Indie angle was mixed with science fiction and aliens, so that was a bit different.  But it was all knock em down, bang em up adventure and the main lesson, as with all the other Indiana Jones adventures, is that one should not mess with the supernatural.  We don’t fully understand these objects or what they will do to us human beings.  Usually the villains learn the lesson directly and we learn it by watching what happens to them.

Yet every several years Indiana Jones, or probably in the future his son, will emerge from academia and pursue another of these forbidden supernatural secrets as if they had learned nothing from the past.

In the meantime, the movie is doing boffo boxoffice.  Just give em what they want, eh?

On Saturday, I went for a long walk with Michael, along the Ottawa River and we got to go to Britannia Beach and clim on the rock spit jutting out into the river.  It was a windy day and I had to go carefully holding my hat.   I remember running on the rocks with the kids, jumping from one to another, hoping not to step into a crack or slip and fall down the side.  Nowadays, I am much more sedate, although I did run a bit.  I couldn’t resist it.

We walked to the fork in the bikepath where it meets the Ottawa River Parkway.   Strange that while we were walking along the path with the trees on both sides and about a quarter of a mile from the river, there was not even a breeze.  There were a few bugs and Mike had to dig one out of his eye but when we reached the Parkway, the trees give way and the path comes very close to the river.  The wind blew almost like a gale!  The ducks had abandoned there usual place and we instead found Canada Geese swimming there.  A couple were throwing a stick into the rough and speedy current and their dog went out to retrieve it and returned swimming hard.  As soon as he dropped the stick at their feet he shook like the dickens and sprayed them with water.

On the way back in the bright sun, I commented to Michael how many different colours of green I could now see.  I explained I had a new consciousness of the wild variety of greens since I had sat in a park with an artist friend of mine.

So I did not fall on the rocks.  When I got home, getting ready for guests, I fell at the bottom of the stairs and bruised my large toe.  It is still swollen today and has a great variety of colours - not green but purple and violet and red.

At the study group yesterday, we learned about Michael Chabon’s novel, The Yiddish Policeman’s Union.  Rachel did a good job of presenting the plot and characters as well as a brief bio on the author, who has achieved phenomenal success at a very young age.  The living room was packed as we had almost all members present for a change.  Michael sat in too and afterward we had tons of delicious cake, tea, cheese and fruit. 

When the guests left, I ran through the house cleaning everything.  We managed to finish it all by just after midnight, not bad for such a packed house with all the extra chairs, tables and food to put away and dishes to wash.

Today, was relatively easy.   I slept in and then watched myself on Shalom Ottawa.  Good enough I suppose but I think we need to get more variety on it.  Too many talking heads.

I did all the shopping and then went to do my appearance as a commentator on the Gerry Cammy Show on CFRA from 5 to 7.   The topic was the Taylor Bouchard Commissin Report on Reasonable Accommodation in Quebec and we had all sorts of callers.  When I said I thought the crucifix should be removed from above the Speaker’s Chair in the Quebec Legislative Assembly, some Jewish guy phone in and told me angrily this was a Christian country and I should get used to it.  He said I must be anti-Christian.  That’ll give you the idea of some of the callers while others called in and talked rationally, whatever their point of view.

Here I am at the end of the weekend and waiting for pictures and news from those who went to the jci reunion this weekend.  A few have already written to say how much fun they had.   The pics showed lots of interesting food at the least!

Until further news, signing off.