So everyone stayed up late last night.  Rose watched tv.  I was on the computer.  Dan and May were at friends and came home about 1.  Rose went to bed.   Sabrina who had been out at a party came in twoish.  And I went to sleep around 2:30.

I am telling you all this to explain why we all slept in this a.m. or tried to.  Noah got up around 6 and came down to watch tv so I went and lay down on the floor in the computer room shlepping a pillow and blanket with me.  A nice soft carpet so–not bad!

Then Molly got up and with her, her father.  Finally, around a quarter to 9 I got up again and dragged  myself up for breakfast.  It was a cold wet morning and that condition continued on off all day right up to tonight.  So the kids couldn’t really go out.  They were going a bit stir crazy by lunch but managed to eat.  Sabrina, May, Noah and I drove to the Museum of Civilization where we went to the Children’s museum first. 

We also got tickets for the Omnimax movie “Roving Mars” but I paid adult price.  I turned to May and said, “I don’t think I could pass for 65.  What do you think?  Could I pass for 65?”

She looked at me and laughed and said, “there’s no way I’m even going to try to answer that question.”  We had a good chuckle.

While the others ran around the Children’s museum, I went to stand in line for the movie.  The couple in front of me was talking about Jesus and who he was, historically.   I was going to say, “I taught a course on that,” but refrained.   I could see the man (husband?) was enjoying being an expert and explaining things to the woman (wife?).  I decided it would be real awkward if I presented myself as an expert and proceeded to disagree with anything he said.   So I held my peace and listened to them talk about Jesus, the Essenes, the Bible, etc. 

The time was going fairly quickly and although for the first 15 minutes there was just this couple and me at the end of the line, by about 20 to 2 there was a massive line up.  All of a sudden a long of line of students was allowed to enter the theatre.  At the end of the students line, it was obvious a couple of others just tried to follow them in nonchalantly. 

Well, you should have seen the couple in front of me react!  They showed no Christian charity as they pushed through the barrier and started to harrass the usher who was trying to keep the obvious non-students from entering at the end of the student line. 

The couple demanded and got their rights to go first after the students and the other interlopers were banished to the back of the line.  They got their just desserts but not any forgiveness for their sins from the couple, who just glared at them and harrumphed.

Fortunately we were all now let in.  As soon as we entered, it was obvious that all that froofra was  silly.  The place was enormous and everyone fit in easily.  I found 4 seats in the centre and saved them all until the other three arrived with barely two minutes to spare.

We leaned back and watched the movie, which was quite good but it was more about preparing to rove on Mars than about roving on Mars, which took up the last 10 minutes of a 40 minute film.

After it was over, we all went to the main hall where all the totem poles are and where the aboriginal exhibits were to be found.  Noah had more fun just running around the big empty space and then trying to slide on his stomach.   It was difficult to keep up with him.

We then went up to the next floor and went through the Canada exhibit.  The name of the Museum is odd as it is the Museum of Civilization and there is not much civilization there.  Just North American history from the time of the aboriginals to the first Europeans, the French, the British, the United Empire Loyalists, the great waves of European immigration into the West and then up to the sixties in an airport in Vancouver with a little extra add on about one place in the North.

Nothing from the Middle East, the Far East, India, Africa, South America, Russia, Australia, etc.  There are occasional special exhibits from these places but they do not feature.  The glory that was Rome?  Forget it.  No Classical Greece.  No Ancient Egypt.  Nada.

Still, I am sure Noah had a good time wandering through.  By the way, he sat still as a church mouse when he was in the theatre and he seemed completely enthralled by the experience.

When we got home, Molly was up and both kids were a bit cranky.  Noah went out and ran around in the grass.  His grandmother was so insistent that he eventually put on his shoes and a jacket.  Molly went out, well wrapped up, too.  She stayed out longer than Noah and eventually dragged her back pack around the cedar tree, each time answering, “shopping,” when I asked where she was going.   Luckily, she eventually tired of this too and finally accepted my invitation to go into the house.

What a scened at supper and afterward when they had a bath!  Such crying and screaming!  Such wailing!

When it was all over and they were dried off and dressed, they were all smiles.

They packed up and soon they were all off.

Poor Sabrina had forgotten her cell phone charger in Toronto and was down on herself because that meant she couldn’t get an extra shift at work this week as her phone battery was dead.  She was in an awful mood.

But if she had talked to me about it on Friday, we might have been able to do something about it because her phone is like mine and it is likely my charger would work with her phone.  Neither one of us thought of that at the last minute and then it was too late.

This evening went to see the other Boleyn girl and it was very pretty to watch but not that convincing or enticing.   Too stilted, too many set stage pieces and dialogue that was not the best.  Eric Bana is just too wooden in the role he played.

It was quite enjoyable all in all and here I am just about to go to sleep.   Did I mention that I ran up and down the stairs 70 times before going to the movie.  It was a good work out.  But it also tired me out.  Good night!