Well, Dan got his black belt.  He was somewhat concerned yesterday because the chief judge made some critical comments at the end of the session and Dan’s coach didn’t give him any compliments but told him the mistakes he made were not the ones the chief judge was talking about.  Today we got the good news towards the end of the morning.  Apparently his coach was right.  Now he gets a black belt and a special black skirt/riding pants which he is entitled to wear at formal aikido gatherings like the one in Montreal on the weekend.  Dan told me he also practiced with weapons and that the judges could have asked him to demonstrate with them, but chose not to. 


I spent the morning doing shopping and picking up things that had to be picked up (repaired pants, a cover for the sandbox, etc.).  Every time I walk out of my house I sneak around back and grab a whiff of the lilacs.  They are just gorgeous and the odour is really both sweet and refreshing. 


I spent a bit of the afternoon looking at jci and then some time later in the evening.  I announced that Dan had his black belt and we’ll see if anyone responds.  So far, only Olaf and Nina have said anything. 


The kids came home in the late afternoon and were really wound up.  Noah wanted to dance and to jump up and down.  Molly was running around after him and whatever he did she followed.  He went outside, so she ran to the door with her shoes and when I tried to help her with them, she pulled them away with a sharp, “NO! Do it myself!” 

Then she went out on the front stoop, sat down and looked up at me plaintively.  She said in a pleading voice, holding up a shoe, “I need help please.”  So I did my grandparently duty despite her being so fickle. 


There was a bit of a crying scene when it was time for supper and then for a bath and bed.  But it quieted down fairly quickly.   I think they were just very tired from all the excitement today. 


Now, all is quiet, the kids are asleep, Dan and May went to see their friends and Sabrina went out with some pals.  So here I am sitting at the computer writing notes and reading them. 


They are going back to Toronto, either after lunch or after supper.  I’m not sure yet. 




I don’t know what I’ll do next.  Might go out to a late movie or read a book.