It has truly been a wonderful sunny day.   I shoveled more snow from the lawn pile onto the drive way.  It finally looks like it is getting a little smaller.  Hurray!  I taped another Shalom Ottawa show, which should play at 10 a.m. on Sunday April 27.  Tune in for another dose of me if you wish.  I had a rabbi and his little girl on but the little girl was so serious I thought she would burn a hole in my chest where she was staring.   I don’t think she was completely at ease. 

This might be the last one I do.  I have to talk to the regular host who is recovering from her perforated bowel quite nicely.    

I also taught another class in my course, the third of eight.  What my students tell me is that they are very impressed with the way I tell them the facts without reference to notes and refer to rulers, peoples, dates and events as if I have them at my fingertips.  Which I do.  I’ve incorporated all these things into a kind of story that I love telling to other people.   I think my own enthusiasm is obvious to them.   They indeed stayed for an extra twenty minutes without complaint and participated with great curiosity and energy for the whole time.   It felt good! 

The office is not yet put back together and I have given up trying to accomplish too much until they do so.  Otherwise, I move from empty office to empty office, kicked from one place to another as their regular occupants return.  I call myself “the wandering Jew”, which seems appropriate.   I do not feel bad or under any pressure as long as I have no regular place to sit.  Which is OK too. 

I have had a few sidebar discussions with Olaf, which are quite enjoyable and quite different from what I write about on the site itself.