That’s a line from Fiddler on the Roof, in a song describing how the Jews of Anatevka prepare to leave as they have been expelled from the district.   They review their belongings deciding what to take along and what to leave behind.  This is sort of what I am doing (on a much smaller scale) as I decide what I will take to Toronto. 


Usually, I just throw some pants and shirts, underwear and socks into a bag and say, “ready to go.”   I find myself giving it a bit more thought this year, as I look at each item and try to imagine what you would say about it.   What kind of memories can I take with me, which will bring things most vividly to mind?   

I cannot leave anything behind.   I’ll have to get a bigger bag to see if I can cram in every moment of time, whether looking at museum exhibits, or walking in the park.  If I could describe every moment, I would have to transport many large tomes.   


Today was a day of victory of sorts.   The snow on the front lawn finally melted!  I feel better, as if it is now ok to leave the lawn and let the sun do its work in growing grass. 


I also wrote a humour column on Israel in connection with its upcoming 60th anniversary, which proved to be more of a struggle than I thought.  We’ll see if it gives anyone a laugh or two.