I am just getting ready for work. 

I am glad prople liked the Israel stuff.  I was having a problem for a while trying to figure out what I could say that was funny given the current situation in that part of the world but I was hoping I had found enough. 

It is always like Anatevka when you leave one place or thing and move on to another as an adult.  As a child, the experience is probably more filled with excitement and less with anxiety, more with hope and less with regret.  Or perhaps that is just the trick of memory and all its filters. 


I certainly feel tremendously uplifted now that I can see the whole lawn but the other side still has snow banks.  I did not find the missing Jehovah’s Witness but we uncovered a deceased mouse in the grass.  There were no signs of a struggle so it seems just to have expired, perhaps overwhelmed by a sudden snow fall. 


Jonathan has just arrived with Rebecca to her mother’s house and they will be by later to pick up the car they will use to drive to Toronto ahead of us.   Ah youth!  When you could survive an overnight ride of 10 hours or so and just continue your day as if you had slept in a snug bed.  I will be packing up my stuff a little later, perhaps cleaning out the cars for Spring. 


In the meantime, I will go to work and studiously avoid any thoughts of anything but the task at hand so I can get out of there ASAP.