Reinventing oneself is not a rebuilding of oneself from scratch.  It is more truly a self-discovery, a search within to find the qualities and strengths (and perhaps weaknesses too) which were always there but which we may not have used.  Sometimes these are nascent things we uncover like half buried Easter eggs, surprised at the colour and the potential for birth and growth we ourselves possess. 


I may discover I have a talent for something I have never tried before or a skill I simply have not used for lack of time and preoccupation with other things.  I am almost 62 but on a journey, 62 is a number not much different from 26.  Just do as much as you can before you reach the end. 


I am always conscious of our individual aloneness.   We think we are bodies pressed together into a human mass of 6 billion but our souls are more like galaxies adrift in space with light years to cross before we can touch another. 


If we by chance have spoken to each other, perhaps the words will one day reach their goal.  I am hopeful that by sharing what we have lived, we can, eventually, hear and understand. 


In speaking thus, I am no prophet but only a person who lives in constant expectation of that small possibility.  Here’s hoping. 


Be well.