Alone and in the dark

I cried out for help

And heard the echo of my voice

From some distant wall

Grown stronger by its shape

And deeper by its strength

The wave of sound boomed in my ears

And compelled  me to hear.

It lifted me up into the air

And drew on my soul and will

Until I could not resist

That human cry for succour

That wail of lonely beasts on a full-mooned winter’s night

Which drew me to its vibrating source as to blazing light.

“Please help me I am alone!”

I searched about and found your face to kiss me in the gray of seeming dawn.

I arose and with the total weight of all the world, looking at your sweet visage,

I lifted up my foot.

In the swiftly growing glow I spoke again

just to you.

Moved by the way you draw my soul,

I reached out my arm.

In the empty hall, I take a step.