“God created man with His image.  In the image of God He created him, male and female He created them.”  According to some Jewish traditions, the first living being was a bisexual creature, male and female, with 4 arms and 4 legs, two heads and joined together.   There is another creation story where Eve is created from Adam’s rib.  The legend of Lilith as the first female arose from the first creation story of a female truly and exactly equal to the male.

Adam, I’m leaving to find the fate that awaits me.   I once thought it would be just you and I to have our fill of experience for as long as we were conscious.  But time has shown me you want something else and perhaps, it has shown me that you cannot give me what I want either.  I love the new.  I want to be appreciated for who I am.  I am ready for adventure.
The first time I opened my eyes, I saw your face.  There was no place, there was no time, just us together facing each other and joined at the crotch.   I would say we were like Siamese twins but there was no Siam and no twins.  We blinked and I found your large brown eyes so warm and deep I could drown in them.  You were breathing and your chest pushed against my breasts in a way I found warming.
We found we had arms and legs and wrapped them around each other pushing ourselves closer together. 
“I am finding it hard to stand,” I said so you lifted my legs onto your hips and we remained glued.
“This is awkward,” you said, although your dark eyes grew darker.   I felt a sudden urge to join with you to break through your skin and invade you so that our souls would mix and we would be one together.  I pushed myself closer and your dark eyes closed.
To get a better purchase, I tried to push you over so that the ground would give me leverage to push myself into you and you into me but I found you trying to do the same.
Suddenly, we were like two wrestlers, struggling, like runners trying to run face to face.  I was a little smaller than you so eventually, it was you on top of me pushing us as close as possible, the dark earth against my back and thrusting me upward.
I became aware almost at the same time as you that something was coming out of us, some wave of warmth and tingling I could feel throughout our bodies.  I felt as if my insides were struggling to free themselves from the bounds of flesh and to fly upwards towards the kindred feeling that was flowing from you. 
Suddenly, it was over.  And although the feeling crested and evaporated like dew, I was still there incarnate and had not become pure soul.  I felt your heavy torso and limbs bearing me down and I pushed.
For the first time, I lost contact with you and you rolled off to the side.  I saw your separate body.  We were not the same, then but fit together like a jig saw puzzle.  Your eyes closed and you looked peaceful as the blood flowed from your extremities and you shrunk until you looked like a little child (although at the time, I had not idea what that was).   The feeling of almost death dissipated in me and left my own limbs in lassitude as I lay beside you. 
But I could not stop looking at your face and body.  They were made to pleasure me.   And after a short rest, I was ready to go back to our primordial condition.  I ran my lips over your chest and arms.   You hardly stirred.  I pressed my face into you, took different parts of your flesh into my mouth.  Your eyes opened in astonishment.  I kept kissing and caressing you until I saw that our bodies were exactly as they were when we pulled apart.
This time I pushed your shoulders down and straddled your newly awoken body, your back now pressed against the ground and me pushing us closer and closer together.  Your dark eyes grew darker.   Your mouth opened and once again I could feel the wave of joining flowing down my loins to yours.   And yet, at the very last moment, a strange light of doubt or fear flashed across your face.
In the coming days, I learned to feel the pleasure more.   As I felt the soul strive to leave me, I could not contain my voice but felt it moan and sigh and at some points I panted as if giving birth.  When I felt the pleasure, I screamed.
You seemed startled and shocked to see how my groans matched your own. 
At the first, I felt excited every time you looked at me but as we went on and our mutual pleasure increased while we were joined together, I noticed the oddest things.  At first, it seemed, you were quite enthusiastic about me being the one on top to push us together but then you started to explain that you preferred it the other way around.
I gave in a few times but this did not seem to be enough.  You wanted me to be on the bottom because you said you felt it was “more natural”.   Well, not to me.
It began to be a bit off-putting to have to respond when you expressed interest in recreating that pleasure we had first felt so strongly.  Rather than feeling only excitement when you looked at me, I began to be both excited and annoyed.   It took longer and longer to get into the right mood.  
In the last little while, things have gone from bad to worse.   You ask me why I enjoy our mutual pleasure so much.   You seem intimidated by how much joy I get from our joining.  You absolutely refuse to let me be on top, or to try anything new.  “Why change the tried and true?” you say.
You also constantly harp on the need to “multiply” and “fill the earth”.   I want to experience life with you at my side.  Why do we need more people?  Personally, I think it is risky bringing new humans into a world that can be so dangerous.  Besides, these children, as I understand it, are supposed to come out of my body.   Well, when some can come out of your body, I might be interested.
Last night was the straw that broke the camel’s back.   When we finished our joining the way you liked it, I tried to do it the way I liked it.   You pushed me away!
“What’s the matter with you!” you yelled.  “Can’t you ever get enough?  You’re insatiable!  Who do you do it with when I’m not there!”
“You’re an idiot!”  I said.  “Besides you, there are only demons and angels.  Who should I do it with?  I just use my fingers.”
“You can do that?” you asked in astonishment.  “That’s disgusting.  Don’t ever say that again.  It’s dirty.  You are a needy bitch who has to have it all the time.   That isn’t a relationship!  That’s just sex.”
“Is that your word for it?  Well I need sex, where you and I are equal partners.   What has happened to you?”
“Well, to be honest, there’s someone else.”
“Someone else?   How can that be?  You and I were created together at the same time.  We are exactly the same, with the same needs and the same desires, except I am female and you are male.”
“A few weeks ago, I started to wish you were a woman who would cater to me a little more, who would bear children.   We may have the same desires but when it comes to sex, it seems you can enjoy it more than I can.   That’s just not fair.  I need someone who can understand that better.   I fell into a deep sleep the other night and when I awoke, there was another female there who said she wanted be my helpmate and to help populate the world.”
“That’s ridiculous!  We are each other’s helpmates.  You to me and me to you.  We’re equal and equally ready for new experience.”
“I don’t like it.  I am looking for something stable and unchanging.  I want to be able to rely on you.  But if you tell me you will be like that, I’ll just tell her to get lost.”
That’s when I knew I had to leave.   I took a deep breath and let it out and looked you straight in the eye.  In total relaxation, I said, “I’m leaving and not coming back.”  You looked taken aback, as if this was not what you expected.   It doesn’t matter.
I thought I would leave this little note.  But in case you lose it when you go to live with your little helpmate, I’m taking a copy.   I haven’t decided where I am going to find the life that will satisfy me.  There are no other men.   Maybe I’ll live without them for a while.   Maybe I’ll go to the demons.   At least it’ll be a new experience and, I’m feeling excited already, who knows where that will lead?