The well slept sleeper wakes

And counts his toes and fingers

All there

So the rest of me must be too

How could I have counted otherwise?

The sun shines in the window

wrinkling the wall with shadows

The light lands on his eye

and enters the dark recesses

to find a spark

A bird

the highway

the sound of padding feet on the carpet

Where am I hovers on the edge

The open eyes see

And the mind remembers.


I am home.


The light beams stream into his blood

He smiles

and moves his limbs

just like living

and laughs

and spreads his arms

and hugs the air

himself, the world.

And the mind remembers


I am alive.


What will I do

Write a book

Work the wood

Hang the hook

Mend my mood

Mow the maudit lawn

Or read a book

Watch the trees

And breathe.


No contest

Limbs lying on the couch

The lamp lit

The chapters read

The book bends back

And falls to floor

like lead

And the mind forgets

And the mind remembers

I once was home

I am home

I am going home.