Have you ever had the feeling you would like to start things over?  You know, you messed up a bit and it would be just great if you just begin again, clean the slate and start fresh?

Well, have I got a deal for you!   On Rosh Hashanah you can, if you wish and are ready to act, do just that.  Just make sure you do it before Yom Kippur.

All you have to do is return, that’s right, just come back.   OK, if you’re a big sinner, you might have to come back a long way but nevertheless, here’s your chance.   All you have to do is say mea culpa (I’m pretty sure it’s something like that although I’m not sure I’ve got the right religion).

If you’re Jewish you get to confess to everybody else’s sins as well as your own on the High Holidays because, you may surprised to hear this, we’re all in this together.  You know, all the long lists of bad things you get to beat yourself up for even though it is really your neighbour who did them.

Apparently it’s also never too late to say, “I’m sorry.”  There is a catch.   You have to mean it.  It’s not like the apology you offered when caught by the teacher sneaking out of class.   You were sorry, for sure, sorry for being caught.   Now you have to mean it in a different way.   Now you have to be genuinely interested in being forgiven and in not doing things the same way in the future.

Hey, I know it’s harder than it sounds.   But that’s the bottom line.   And if you harmed somebody else, you have to ask them personally.

The Creator is pretty much a pushover, ready to forgive at the least sign that you are taking a step towards Him.   People are a harder nut to crack.   Not that you should crack anything, cholile.   But you have to try.   You get three tries.   So who do you think invented baseball?

I am not sure if you’re out if you fail on your third swing at asking forgiveness.   I will consult with people who know more about baseball than I do.  Any rabbis in the house?

And then you have to start acting on your new way of being.   Apparently it’s not enough to just say or think how you’re going to do things differently.   You actually have to do them differently.   That’s why it’s no good making New Year’s resolutions because those are all things we usually never get around to doing.   They’re things we like to think of – in the future some time.

Sometimes, I get the feeling that the Creator was in exactly this position when He invented the holiday (and all of creation) in the first place.   That is, maybe it wasn’t the first place.   Maybe we all get a chance to start over because He knows what it’s like to begin again.

You see, maybe you and I and the dog are really new improved versions of something that came before.  But if that’s so, I hope there is still room for improvements.  Otherwise we may all have to be sent back to the factory.  I don’t think anybody wants to live to see that massive recall.

So don’t lose this once a year opportunity to restart your engine.   You don’t know how long it’s going to be serviceable and running.  

I wish you a sweet and healthy year but what you do for yourself will probably help more to achieve this than my good wishes.   Just make sure to do the right thing!

This is a recorded message.   It will start again in another year.