And it woke and dug the depths of its ancestral earth and ash to find a fairy thing like and so unlike.   And it loved the thing and called it a name and it answered as if it were human.

And it was sleeping when it awoke to strong hands pulling it up and breathed as it came into the air and with opened eyes saw a fairy thing so like and yet unlike which spoke as if it were human and called forth an answer.

And one said I dug earth to find life and then there was you in the midst of the fire yet unburned.

And the other said I slept and waited for life and then there was you and air and summer cooling.

And adam and eve were talking and the words they spoke appeared before them and became.

And the colours crept into the world around them and the things that became were all about and grew and flowered and crept and crawled and swam and ran and flew.

And they talked for ages and epochs and as they talked their head grew heavy and they grew tired and sat and listened and learned.

And in the quiet they heard a small voice still talking and murmuring until a sea of murmurs rushed by them and grew louder and louder until it was the crashing of the sea.

And the breath from their lips blew gently and became a breeze a gentle rustle of leaves growing louder until it rushed by them and roared like a lion and the winds upon the mountains.

And they grew even more tired and lay upon the soft grass and regarded each other and their sagging flesh, their graying hair and the thin paper of skin on hardened bone.

And they reached for each other, to touch fingers as they were sinking into the ground and a spark grew from that touch, a light brighter than any they had seen and it emerged whole and round burning like life itself.

And they spoke to each other once more in one voice at the same time and could not remember who had dug and who had been awoken and perhaps the thing that dug was eve and perhaps it was adam.

And they struggled and their voices became dissonant as each sought to prove who was first and who was second, who was the searcher and who the one found.

And their bodies grew younger and firmer and they struggled with each other and wrestled like equals until they joined their bodies together fighting and loving and speaking.

And they tore apart and saw that they were different and yet pulled by yearning towards each other

And their open eyes finally opened completely and they saw what was about them, and smelled the air and felt it on their skins and heard the sounds and they were hungry for food.

And they stood up and held each other’s hand and found leaves to hide their difference and walked together out of their vision and into the world.