I have been getting hit with spam by the ton lately.  Currently I have 59 comments to moderate and all of them are spam.

I find this annoying even though I get the chance to get rid of all of them.  I still have to go through them just in case there is one valid comment midst all of the dreck.

To give a taste of what I have to wade through, I am going to type out the subjects and some of the text of this stuff.  Here it is in all its glory.

“electric fireplace; lasik eye surgery; adt; popcorn machine; vonage; counceling credit (sic); klonopin withdrawal symptoms; adt home security; popcorn popper; replica rolex; counseling credit (better); chubby teen.. chubby teen bellies. chubby teen movies…; eliminate credit card debt; com payday till loan. loan till dollar payday; reduced clearance pairs of salinomycin claim our treatment.  Uchtenhagen et settlement (this makes a lot of sense doesn’t it); hi not bad at all! bye (honest this is a real message and no I am not a machine which leaves the same message everywhere - right!);  abilify; Fat girls perfect chubby teen and plumpers with; Fat teen porn. Gainers fat bellies teen. Young fat teen sex.  Plump teen sex fat chubby… (oh this is so exciting isn’t it?); oakley sunglasses; Aspirin toxicity cat…(sounds like cruelty to animals); cpap; psychic reading (they should already know I’m not interested; oxy cotton; Law amp order sonata for a solo organ tv com….Body kits for a 2005 hyundai sonata….; maui jim sunglasses;  bathroom vanity cabinet; Real and fake testosterone…. Testosterone cream for women. Testosterone therapy. Testosterone….; monavie; serengeti sunglasses; bear share (6 times); and (drum roll)…turbo tax.

I find it even more annoying to be sent long messages which are obviously random words thrown together with selected words highlighted and which one is supposed to click on —- aaargh!

Anyway I am going to put myself out of my misery for a brief while when I delete all of these.  Tomorrow morning, however, there will be another 59 or so of these “comments” on my blog.  May all the senders of this crap be doomed to stand up to their noses in excrement in hell.  I hope you will join me in wishing them what they deserve.