This has been a week where all the qualities of time and how I perceive them have become apparent.  I started the week getting organized for my trip to Toronto.  This entailed making sure I had all the information my son needed to renew his health card and his birth certificate and making photocopies for him and for us, putting in extra empty boxes in case he needed them and taking out the back seats of the car and leaving them in the garage.  Oh yes, and I packed too.  I left at lunch.

I drove to Toronto and it was in the high twenties centigrade.  The moulding on the car at the back, the right corner of the rear bumper was starting to detach as I drove down the highway at 120 kph.   I decided to stop and getting the tape out which I had packed for my son’s move, I taped the leading edge of the moulding to the frame.   It held the rest of the way but everybody in my family kept asking me, “why do you have that tape on the van?”

I made it to my brother’s and unpacked.  It was smothering heat in his house which is at Finch and Leslie  I decided to get out of there and went to see my son, picked him up from his work at Jarvis and Wellesley, dropped off the boxes at his place at Spadina and College and took him out for supper at Hernando’s Hideaway, a Mexican restaurant at Wellesley and Yonge.   I drove him to his place and went back to my brother’s where the sweltering heat and the repeats of the Mexican food kept me up for hours.

The next morning, I drove downtown again, parked the car and walked all around from Spadina and College to Bay and College to Saint George and Bloor and back to his place.  We were dropping things off but the Student aid office was closed so the long walk was just that - along walk in the hot sun.   We went to  an Indian food restaurant and then, drove back to Bloor and Saint George where he dropped off the papers after 1 pm.  I drove him back to his place and then, returned to my brother’s.  

That evening, I went to visit my eldest son and his wife just to check on what he had that either my son needed now or my daughter might need in a few weeks when she moves back to York University.

We had a pleasant visit and then I returned to my brother’s where the heat awaited me, although it was fractionally cooler.

Wenesday morning, I contacted a friend of mine and went over there for lunch.  Her house at Leslie and York Mills is so cool. It was such a sensuous pleasure to sit in her kitchen and feel the cool all over my skin.  In the meantime, I had arranged to go eat supper at my wife’s aunt’s place at Lawrence and Bathurst so I left my friend’s at about 4 and drove to my eldest son’s at Wilson and Bathurst where I took out the unused boxes and the two middle seats and carried them into the house into their sun room at the back.   I made it just as my daughter-in-law pulled up with the kids and so said a quick hello before heading off to see my wife’s aunt.  Arriving at just after 5 pm, I had an early supper with my aunt and uncle and had a grand time updating them on everybody.   At 7:30 or so, I said goodbye and headed downtown to my second son’s to pack the van with his furniture and boxes.  

We started loading just after 8 and as the sun was low in the sky.  We finished an hour and a half later after the sun had gone down and it was much cooler.  We had packed everything except his bed, his fan and lamp and a few clothes.  I drove the packed van back to my brother’s place and parked it in the street on the dark side of his driveway so as not to attract the attention of thieves.  My brother had in the meanwhile, had his driveway sealed so I could not park on it.

After a cool shower, I was ready to face the swelter and managed to get some sleep.   I was up at 6:30 and out of the house by seven.   I jumped in the van and drove to my second son’s place and waited until 8:30 to wake him.  To my surprise I met him in the street as he was going to get some coffee.   He told me that he had found a friend to help us with the move but that his friend would not be ready right away.  I took his jembe drum and walked the 8 blocks to his new apartment while he had his coffee and then took the van and picked up his friend.   They arrived at the new apartment at 9:30.   We unloaded the van in about an hour and drove back to the old apartment.  We picked up the bed and the assorted knick knacks that were left and drove them back to the new apartment, where we unloaded everything.  We were finished by 11:45 and my son then drove his friend back to his place and returned.  It was just after 12 noon so we walked to a vegetarian restaurant on Baldwin Street, just around the corner from his new apartment and across the street from the place where our family had lived with my great aunt on first coming to Canada in 1948.

After lunch, we returned to his old apartment, cleaned out the fridge and did a last check for any objects left behind, vacuumed his room and grabbed the modem we had to return to Rogers Video.  We took the table and desk that did not fit into his new apartment as well.

We returned the Rogers equipment at Yonge and Wellesley and drove up Avenue Road to my eldest son’s house, where we picked up the two middle car seats and the extra empty boxes and we dropped off the desk as my daughter might be able to use it when she moves to York.  It was now after 3 pm.  It was 35 degrees Celsius and about 42 with the humidex.   We drove back to my brother’s place and picked up my clothes and said thank you and good bye and then hit the road at 3:45 on the way back to Ottawa.   Thank god for air conditioning in the van.  We hit the traffic jam of course and we got back to Ottawa at 8:15 pm.   It was still Thursday.

I unpacked the van and my son made plans to go out.  My daughter was not there so I watered the sod that had been laid down by the city just a few weeks before.  I proceeded to prepare bed rooms for my grandson and grandaughter.  Around 10:30, my daughter came home and around 11:30, my eldest son with his wife and two children came for a three day visit.

The next morning was Friday.  We had a great time with the grandchildren.  My second son packed a few things and took off for his friend’s cottage where he still is.  I have been busy on and off with my eldest son and his family except when they all took off to visit their friends at the cottage and came home just to sleep.  Last night, my daughter went to sleep over at a friend’s and my son and daughter-in-law went out to visit an acquaintance and my wife and I just made sure the kids did not wake up to an empty house. 

Today was another busy day with the grandchildren until noon.  Then the kids had lunch, my daughter came home and all of them took off again to go to the cottage.   This was a perfect time for me to clean up, put all the furniture back where it is supposed to be, make a shopping list for food and go to the grocery store to buy it.  It has also given me time to write this entry.

As I sit here in the strange quiet, I am waiting for everyone to come home and my son and his family to leave.  I am also waiting for our cousin, his wife and five children to drop in on us on their way back to Toronto after their quick visit to Ottawa and its art gallery.   Who will arrive first?

This week has seemed to go on for a very long time even when I was enjoying it.  I bet this blog has seemed as long as my week.  For me, the truth of Einstein’s theory has clearly been demonstrated both in terms of family and progress along the fourth dimension.  ”Everything is relative.”