I have just seen my grandson Noah and found out about some of his adventures.

Noah and his parents were going to Israel for about a week and a little bit.  Everyone was excited.  Dad was getting things to get ready.  Mom was packing things.  Little sister Molly was feeling all the excitement too.

Noah got to play by himself in the basement sometimes.   He likes to watch his DVDs or play on his drums.  He finds ways to have fun.

In the basement there is an extra fridge where his parents keep meat in the freezer and organic food in the fridge part.  The freezer was full but the fridge part was not.

The fridge motor kept on coming on while Noah was in the basement, in order to keep everything cold.  The last time Noah was there, just before they went to Israel, the fridge motor kept making those funny noises, which Noah did not like.

Noah went to the fridge and opened it.   He noticed a circular dial with markings on it.   On his CD player, Noah has a similar dial and when you turn it to zero, everything is quiet.  So Noah turned the dial to zero and closed the fridge.  The rest of the morning, Noah was happy because the fridge motor did not make any more noises.

Noah forgot all about the dial.  Then, he and his parents and his little sister were packed and rushing out the door to go to the airport.  They flew to Israel and had a wonderful time.

When they came back, they were all still very busy.   Noah’s parents did not go down to check the fridge because they did not need any organic food or meat.   Another week went by.

One day, Noah’s father was in the basement with Noah and he said, “what’s that funny smell?”  Noah did not know.  The next day, Noah’s father came down into the basement and said, “something really stinks.  What could it be?”  Noah did not know. 

Then Noah’s father followed the smell and he followed it to the fridge.  When Noah’s father opened the fridge, he was surprised.  It was not cold and the little bit of organic food was rotting.  Noah’s father looked at the dial and could see that it said, “zero.”

Noah’s father got very nervous and opened the freezer.  He discovered what 100 pounds of rotting meat smelled like.  He started to yell and run around and Noah wondered what was wrong.  His father ran upstairs and came down with rags and plastic garbage bags.  Soon all the spoiled food was in the garbage bags.  Soon after that, the fridge and freezer were cleaned out with strong smelling soaps and cleaners.  But the smell of the meat was still there. 

Noah’s father took the spoiled food and put it into double garbage bags and left it in the garage until garbage day.  He followed his father downstairs when his father went up to the fridge and said, to nobody in particular, “what a mess!  Who turned the dial down to zero?” 

So Noah said, “I did.”  And that is how Noah learned what the dial on the fridge really did.  It did not turn down the noise on the motor.  It turned the motor off so the motor did not cool the fridge or the freezer.  This was very important for Noah to know - for the next time.

Noah also learned what to use to play his ukelele.  Usually he just strums the strings with his fingers.  One day, after a bath, Noah’s father left him and his sister naked in the living room while he ran into the kitchen to get ready for the trip to the cottage.

Interesting things happened while he was gone for a very brief moment.  Noah started to use another part of his body to strum the strings.  And his sister made a bowel movement on the floor.   When Noah’s mother came in she saw her son playing the ukelele with his penis and her daughter dragging bits of her bm all over the living room hardwood.

Noah’s mother informed him that he should not use his penis for playing the ukelele and yelled for her husband to come into the living room right away with paper towels and a diaper for her daughter.

Noah said, “why not?” about his playing, to which his mother answered, “because you have to be careful to use your penis for the right things, like, for instance, peeing.  You use your fingers for playing the ukelele.”

“Oh,” said Noah and switched to his fingers.  Meanwhile, his parents cleaned up the mess in the living room and put his sister into her diaper.  Noah learned about playing stringed instruments and I think his father learned an even more important lesson.   

Noah also watches his sister getting breast fed.  He is very interested in this.   One day, Noah took off his shirt and held a doll up to his chest.  When his mother asked what he was doing he replied, “Shh! I’m nursing my baby.”  Then he put the doll down and ran into the other room.  He came back with his mother’s breast pump.  “Why do you have that?” Noah’s mother asked.  “Because I have too much milk,” Noah said.

Noah’s mother said, “I think we should save the breast pump for me.  Why don’t you use a pretend pump?  You could use the cup from your tea set.”

“Ok,” said Noah and that was what he did.

So Noah learned about breastfeeding and also the difference between real and pretend.

Noah is lucky that he gets to learn so much.  I bet he will have other lessons to tell me about real soon.