Noah was sleeping when I arrived.  He woke early next morning and was surprised to see me.

“Dad,” he said, “Zaidie is here.”

“I know,” said his father.  “He came last night.  And Auntie Sabrina is here too.”

“Can I go see Sabrina?” asked Noah.

“Later.  Right now she is sleeping.”

“Zaidie, do you want to watch a movie with me?”

“Later.  Right now we are eating.  We will eat our oatmeal first and then Zaidie will watch a movie with you.”


Noah sat down and took two spoonfuls of oatmeal.

“Can we go watch now?”

“Later.  Now we need to eat.  Eat a little more.”

Noah took two spoonfuls of oatmeal and came off his seat.

“Zaidie, can you come and watch now?”

“Later.  Now we need to eat.”

Noah’s father said.  “Noah, would you like to sit in your place and eat or sit in the seatbelt chair?”

Noah does not like the seatbelt chair.  He went back to his place and ate some more oat meal.  He ate a few strawberries.

While his father was busy with his baby sister, Molly, Noah came over to me and said, “Zaidie, can we go watch the movie now?”

I said, “Noah, quick go back to your seat and finish the last spoonful.  Then I will come with you.”

Noah ran back to his seat and took the last spoonful in his mouth.  Then he got off his chair.

His father turned his head and said, “Noah, is it time for your seatbelt chair?”

I said, “it’s OK.  Noah ate all of his oatmeal.  He has the last spoonful in his mouth.”

Then Noah opened his mouth wide and we could see all the oatmeal in it.

“OK,” said his father and we moved into the other room where the computer was and we watched “The Wiggles”.   Molly sat in her high chair.  I sat in a seat next to Noah and his father put in the DVD.  Then Noah used his mouse to select his favourite episode and the right volume.  

Noah watched 10 seconds.  Then he flipped to the next episode.  Then he watched ten seconds.  Then he flipped to the next episode.   He did this until we found the episode with Captain Feathersword and the tumbling acrobats.  Then we watched the whole thing.

Dad was paying attention to Molly and then got up to get something from the kitchen.

Molly was upset and cried.

Noah turned to me and said, “Zaidie, Molly is afraid of you because she thinks you are a giant.”

“Noah, do you think I am a giant?”

“Naaaaww,”  said Noah and laughed.  

“Did you ever see a giant?” 

“Sometimes when I sleep.  And I see the Magic Man too.”

“Who is the Magic Man?” 

“He is a big monkey.”

“Is he scary?”


I put my arm around Noah but he twisted away.  We watched the end of the Wiggles.  Noah’s Dad came back and Molly stopped crying.   It was time to go to school.