Sometimes, my grandson, Noah, gets excited.  

When I come for a visit and Noah is dancing, he likes to shake his booty, listening to music like The Twist and other rock songs.

Occasionally, Noah cannot stop shaking and laughing when he does this.

Then he might start running around the room and yelling.

His mom and dad ask Noah to stop because it hurts people’s ears.

Other times, Noah gets very excited about his baby sister, Molly and he wants to hug and squeeze and kiss her very much.  He even wants to pinch her.

We have to explain that pinching hurts and ask him to be careful. 

On one visit, Noah was very excited to see me.   He came up to me with a very sparkly smile and took the bowl of crumbs from crackers we ate and dumped them on my head.

Noah laughed.  I told Noah I was not happy.  I did not think having crumbs in my hair and on my clothes was funny.  Noah had a time out on the stairs, but then came back and said he was sorry.

We read a book and Noah sat beside me on the couch as still as a mouse.

One time, when Noah’s uncles and aunts were in the living room for a visit, Noah came running up the stairs from the basement.   He was very excited.

“Mommy, mommy,” Noah yelled.  “I’m forty years old! I’m forty years old.”

Noah was smiling from ear to ear when he ran into the room.

“Uncle Jesse measured me downstairs and I’m forty years old!”

His mom looked at him and said quietly, “Noah, bean, I think Uncle Jesse meant you were forty inches tall.”

Noah stopped being excited and looked at his mom thoughtfully.

“Oh,” he said quietly and went back downstairs, yelling, “Uncle Jesse, Uncle Jesse, I’m forty inches tall!”

Noah has a lot of enthusiasm and energy.

At the Passover Seder where we were together, Noah ran from one side of the house to the other, the later it got.  The little girl in the house chased after him.   She wanted to go where he went and to sit where he sat.  He was a lot of fun and full of beans.

Finally, Noah sat with his mom and hugged his bear.   He was tired.

This sometimes happens when Noah gets very excited.  Sooner or later he gets tired.   And then it is time for nap or bed.

But when Noah wakes up again, there he is running and jumping and singing and dancing again.

It is a good thing Noah likes to read or to watch his DVDs sometimes.   Then everyone gets a bit of a breather, including him.

The thing about getting excited is eventually you calm down.

And so I will go to sleep now myself.

Good night Noah.  Good night all.