Noah is my grandson and is almost four years old.   I went to meet Noah, his baby sister, Molly, and his father at the library.  They were in the children’s section, sitting under the fish tanks reading books.  Molly, who is 9 and one half months old was sitting up playing with a toy that was all wires and coloured blocks with holes in the middle, that you slid around the twisted wires.  She was smiling, gurgling and drooling all at the same time.

Noah looked very interested in the books.  He did not seem to notice Molly.  He was paying very close attention to his father reading.  Sometimes he even said the words before his father read them.  I wondered.  Could Noah read?  Or did he just remember the words from the last time.

“I read all the time, Zaydie,” Noah said to me.

“Good for you!” I said, because it is the job of bubies and zaydies to say things like that to their grandchildren.

My son got up and asked Noah if I could keep reading the book while he went off with Molly to look for other books.

Noah said yes so I snuggled up to him and started to read to him about the two frogs in the pond while his father went off. 

Noah laughed when I read about the fish wanting to eat the frogs and frogs being snatched away by the heron.  He laughed more when the frogs stuck a stick in the heron’s mouth so the bird dropped them and they swam safely to the lily pad.

Noah was very busy listening and reading.  Suddenly Noah looked up and saw a boy of about 3 or 4 coming to play with the toy his sister had been fooling with.

“Excuse me.  Excuse me,” Noah said in a polite but firm voice.

The little boy looked at him, a little surprised.

“Excuse me, but my little sister was playing with that toy,” said Noah.

The little boy paused and looked at his father who smiled at Noah and said, “What a good big brother you are to look out for your sister.”

I said to Noah, “I think it is OK because Molly is not here and when she comes back we will not stay.”

“Oh,” said Noah and went back to reading his book.

The little boy had already moved to another spot and was playing with a dump truck.

Noah finished reading the book and then he closed the cover and said, “Thank you, Zaydie.”

I said, “you’re welcome Noah,” and tried to give him a hug but Noah does not like hugs just like that.  So he got up and started to tap on the fish tank.

Just then, Noah’s father came back and told us it was time to go.

Noah thought he should look at some more books first, so he went over to the shelves and pulled out all the Curious George books.

Dad put Molly into her snow suit and into the stroller.  I explained to Noah that we had to put all the books back because we had to leave but Noah wanted to see and do more.

So he went over to the little boy and started to play with the dumpster.  The father said it was OK and the little boy went to the next table to play with a fire engine.  Noah looked at me and said, “I like it at the library.  I come here with my dad.”

“Which dad? I am your dad’s dad,” I said.

Noah smiled and giggled.  “I mean Daddy,” he said.

Just then Dad came and suggested Noah put away the dumpster and put away the books.

“Just one more minute, Dad,” said Noah and his dad said, “OK, but then we have to tidy up and go.”

So Noah vroomed the dump truck back to the table and went with me to the shelves.  There we picked up all the Curious George books together and his dad said, “We can get the Curious George books another time.”

Noah and I finished tidying up.  Then Noah put on his coat by himself.  While his father zipped him up, I went to the check out with the books and the library card.  Everyone arrived just as I finished checking out the books.  Then we all left.  Dad was pushing Molly and holding Noah’s hand.  I was carrying the books.  We all smiled at the sun as we came out into the brisk cold. 

Another successful visit to the library.