Noah is a very nice little boy that I know and who I visit every once in a while.  He is my grandson and calls me zaydie.   He calls my wife bubie.

Whenever I am on the  phone with him, Noah is very impatient to get  back to his activities.  He likes to listen to his music and to watch his DVD’s. 

Our conversations are short.  Our last conversation went like this.

me: How are you Noah?

Noah: Fine.

me: What are you doing now Noah?

Noah: We are about to go out to Yorkdale.

me:  What will you do there?

Noah: Run around.

me: What about mommy and daddy?  Will they run around too?

Noah:  NOOOooh.   They walk.

me: When I come to Toronto, can I go run around Yorkdale with you?

Noah:  Yes.  And zaydie, you can help me get my balloon.

me: What happened to your balloon?

Noah:  I was carrying it and it flew up.  Daddy said I should tie it but I said no but he said to tie it but I didn’t but he said it would fly away but I ran down the hall but he said come back but my balloon flew up, so I was sad.  Zaydie, will you help me?

me: Yes Noah.

Noah:  Ok, bye now, I have to go.  But zaydiie…

me: yes.

Noah: Make sure to tell bubie.  - (click)

The last time I visited him in Toronto by myslef, Noah was quite pleased to see me, even though he was very busy with his DVD.   When we ate breakfast together, he looked at me very seriously and said:  Zaydie, you can visit anytime, but Zaydie….next time bring bubie.

So this time when my wife and I visited him at his house in Toronto, Noah was very happy.   He helped bubie make a matzah bray and danced to his music.

He got very excited and started to yell. 

I told Noah, that his yelling hurt my ears and he said, “Sorry, zaydie.”   And he only yelled a little after that.  And when he yelled and saw the look on my face, he stopped  right away and went back to talking normally.  This made me very glad.

He showed bubie his new toys and when we were leaving he said to bubie, “Wait.”

Then Noah went to the shelf and got his special lip balm down.  He had two.  He came over to bubie and said, “Bubie, I have two lip balms and I want to give you one.”

When bubie reached out for it, he said, “Wait.”  Then he ran off and got a big box from bottled wine and he brought it back and said, “I have to put the lip balm in a box for you.”

And he took the lip balm and placed it in the very centre of the big box and then folded the tops down. 

Then he gave the big box to bubie and said, “this is for you, bubie.”

And bubie gave him a big kiss.

And I could see Noah’s mommy and she was all happy and smiling and looking at him with love.

Then we all said good bye and we left.

I think Noah is a nice guy.  I will be happy to see him again.