The little ditty below was composed by me on the occasion of my retirement and refers to the people who I worked with most closely as colleagues.  I posted on my blog but you probably have to know the individuals referred to to get the most out of it.   If anyone has any questions, just ask.

My time here is done. 

Gonna pack my bags and run. 

Thanx for the fun.

Thanx to everyone.  I’ll mention just a few,Who work on all things Jew. 

His head has no hair. 

His head is in the air.

He’s just so cool. But don’t be fool. Under all that art,There really is a heart.

She straight as an arrow.

But her mind ain’t narrow  She ain’t col’.  She got a real soul  .Her writing’s first rate.She CAN communicate. 

Hey brother, yo. .

When I leave to go,

You gonna hang tough?  You still good for a laugh? They say they got your back?  Just say “I’m all right Jack.” 

Her hair is a trick.

Her smarts are just sick.  Her word may be her bond. But she ain’t a REAL blonde. She really ain’t dumber.And she always has your number. 

Gonna take off outa here.Gonna have a few beer.And after drinking all my booze,  Gonna have a little snooze.

Early morning on my lawn… 

Still counting on Dawn. 

My time here is done.

Gonna pack my bags and run. 

Thanx for the fun.

Thanx to everyone.

Gonna go take my nap.  This is the final wrap.