Sitting in the park

I watch little girls at play

line up to follow the leader

older girls at the front and

little girls at the back

running round

old Victoria and her lion

Formidable virgin and fierce mother

sitting in the sun

the jet spray spread in droplets

and a rainbow at their feet.


I hear the train trestles tremble

geese honk their honks overhead

the sound of one dog barking behind

cars doppler by

and I smell the tar and cement

from mixers and moving vans on

the road

hoping the truck will pass

sports cars, motorcyles

little scooters farting their way forward

pneumatic drills pounding,

smashing and shaking

pulverized particles

sprayed to all sides

A man in a yellow helmet

biceps bulging in the breeze

flabby tummy flesh

jellied by the jackhammer.

A breeze blows open a jacket

tie to one side, hair to the other

like water weeds in a swift current

twisting in a whirlpool

gawking at a girl

sitting knees bent up on a car

wearing jeans and sleeveless jersey

bare feet, and afro

a beautiful face that should

stop time

but doesn’t.

Our eyes meet and I see

a vision of eternal kingdoms crashing.


A hand grasps for air

and gasps for air that is  gone

clear as sunlight

fresh as blue waters.


Into the past

everything is bowled

stored with

little girl smiles, pulls down her pants and

shows us her ass.