I am standing in a street in Eden.   My parents and I are talking.   The forest of large buildings looms over us like trees and covers us with a canopy of cement and steel.   My brother is away driving his car.  He loves his car as if he was a shepherd and it was his sheep.

Oh, if only a real tree would reach down a branch and comfort me, the hard wood lying tenderly across my shoulders.  I honour the plants because they accept me and the grass bears me up when I can find a patch to lie in. The cars and trucks swarm around us like animals eager to be named. 

There is hub-bub all around us while we are calm.   We are in the Eye or the Eye is on us.   We look up to the small sliver of sky as it spins and turns from light blue to black.A sudden panic, comes over me.   I feel the earth tremble and see some fear in my parents’ eyes.  We are in the midst of a crowd of people who have suddenly appeared running in all directions, their silent screams piercing my ears. The earth now shudders at massive blows, which approach us from across the street, where the line of sky scrapers is broken by an empty parking lot.  We scurry back to our store front entrance as the outline of a massive creature can be seen against the gigantic brilliant moon just opposite.The shape becomes distinct and forms into a giant who is stepping over buildings his feet crunching cars and smaller edifices like dry branches in a forest of stone.  His face looms over us as he steps into the vacant lot.  He calls me by my name his lips drawn back to show us his huge teeth, in a smile or a grimace.

We turn and flee into the building.   We run down the stairs into our cellar as we hear our building being reduced to rubble above our heads.   Luckily, the subway train runs through, its windows flashing by and we throw ourselves in to the car as the doors open.Looking back, we see the ceiling collapse and a giant eye peering through the gaping hole that is growing larger, almost large enough to allow a giant hand to reach through and smash us.But the car doors close and the train accelerates away.  Behind us the roof of the tunnel is collapsing but the train is too fast and like a snake it winds its way through infinite tunnels, the bright lights from our car flashing over and over again against the dark walls until I feel dizzy almost as if I am on a Carnival ride going in circles, the walls flashing, the spectators watching and their faces zipping by over and over in these endless tunnels that seem to slither under the ground to some distant destination.  Everything goes black.I awake as my parents are urging me to run faster away from the train towards the edge of the cliff that looms up in front of us.  

I want to ask why we are running to a cliff when I notice that there are extremely large trees and vines sticking up over the edge and feel the earth shake from heavy footfalls behind us. We jump on the trees and start to climb down these wooden trunks, so thick and yet apparently wet from some dripping source of water above.  As we slide down, these trunks seem to have a life of their own, pulsating and making it difficult to get a sure grip.  The further down we go, the more these vines appear wrapping themselves around the trunk like veins on a living creature.  Is it a wind that begins to blow and to shake the trees, the vines, the leaves?  Our feet can get no purchase.  

I look below and see a broad sandy beach many hundreds of feet away, the white sand of the beach being lapped by tourquoise waves of, what I now see, as the leave become less dense and I can look out from the vegetation, is a broad expanse of ocean. I yearn to dive in but am somehow tangled in these vines which nevertheless continue to drip with water which my parents will not let me drink.  It is poison they say.  I want to reach the shore but am afraid of falling from a great height to land like a fish out of water, gasping for its true elixir just of reach at the end of the strand. 

I am torn between the fear of letting go and the immense longing for the sea when I hear a scream and people let go, falling from the vines but then magically floating like leaves down to the very edge of land.I see from a great height, a body lying there on the beach as a crowd gathers round in sympathy and realize with a shock that it is my body lying there in a fetal position on its side and I lose my grasp on the tree, I am falling as if into a deep sleep and struggle to open my eyes to see the crowd standing around me, lying gasping on the shore, struggling for breath and life with a parched throat but completely unable to drink.

It is then that I want to ask my parents where my brother is but no words will come out.  Their sad and puzzled faces give me no answer but it slowly dawns on me that the face of the giant who had assailed us was my brother’s face.  My accursed brother’s accursed face.  My anger boils over like lust in a dream.  I awake and search for my knife.