When I read other people’s posts they are so full of activity.  I am trying to remember what I did that was so memorable.  Let’s see, I wrote a brief memo.  I had a conversation and decided what to do next on a project.  I took my car in to get it checked.  I dropped off a package at the doctor’s.  I had lunch and breakfast and supper and snack and drank lots of green tea.  I wrote several e-mails.  I answered several phone messages and read a text for work.  I prepared for and taught a class on Jewish history.  I visited a friend and met her new dog and had a cup of coffee.

It all went by quickly.  No one said anything that cute or exciting.  My friend commented that her dog was so small and cute it was like a cat, which I liked.

I felt completely strange for most of the day, slightly hot and clammy and tired and a little nauseous and dizzy at the same time.

Mostly, though, the time just flew by me.  Didn’t have time to smell the flowers or the coffee.  Children invaded the office next to me and it was so much more interesting to see them running around, whining, fighting, making nice, the whole megillah.

In the meantime, I interacted with my computer and struggled with it as it slowly loaded or slowly saved my texts.  It’s like it’s doing a slow strip tease with not much payoff at the end.  Sometimes, in fact it comes back telling me there was an error and it will have to close.  Imagine if you were in a restaurant and the waiter made a small error and you had to start ordering all over.   What a pain!

It is nice to be in the middle of activity though.  Otherwise I would retire, stay home and sit in the easy chair watching TV.

So today went by.  I am still alive.  And I am writing about it.  Can there be anything better than that?