One of the lines in Borat has struck a certain chord with me.  The comment made by the drunken Frat boy as Borat was leaving the trailer has a resonance that keeps on vibrating even after the movie is over and I am now home typing on this computer.

He said something like, “Never let a woman make you what you are.”

There is something to this.  Do men resent being helped by women?  Now help from your mother when you are little is OK - to a degree but even so, “Mom, I’d rather do it myself,” is something you hear at a relatively early age.

For my own part I have noticed a certain tendency to quiet resistance when my wife suggests I do something.

Like it’ll be a sunny day on a Sunday, for instance, and as I come upstairs and sit down to breakfast, I think to myself, “today would be a great day to mow the lawn.”

Then, just as I finish my Cheerios and am clearing away my dishes, my  wife comes into the kitchen and says in all seriousness, “it’s a beautiful sunny day today.  You should mow the lawn because it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.”

My reaction to this is not, “you know, I was just thinking the same thing.”  Rather, I suddenly want to resist this imposition.  “I’ll do it later,” I say and immediately sit down to a coffee while I read the paper.

If I go out and mow the lawn right away, it will seem as if she told me what to do.  I wanted it to be my idea.

So after the paper, I go to the computer and check my e-mail.  Then I check through the library books to see if any are overdue.  Then I look for something else to do like going out for a three mile run.  The essential thing is that enough time  passes between her words to me and my actual mowing of the lawn so that it can no longer be claimed that I was just following orders.

No, now when I mow the lawn, I can claim that it was my idea all along.  Her speaking to me was just incidental, a reminder of what I was going to do anyway. 

Heaven help us, however, if after I come back from my run, she comes to me and says, “don’t forget to mow the lawn.”

Then I have to start all over, eat lunch and go out to do the shopping before I get to it.  The lawn mowing has to belong to me.

And if she mentions the lawn again when I come back from shopping then the poor lawn may not get mowed at all…

I think I am behaving according to the principle enunciated by the drunken frat boy.

Of course, everytime my wife mentions the need to mow the lawn, I always say, “yes, for sure,” even though I know I am going to read the paper first.  This is what I mean by silent resistance.

Logically, however, if she had not said anything, I would  have mowed the lawn right away, first thing in the morning.  So despite it all, she has made me what I am.  Go figure! 

What I really yearn to know is, are all men as much of an idiot as I am?