This is my first blog entry.  stay tuned for things like my life story - 6 or 7 hundred words at a time.

I find it hard to write more.  My fingers get tired.  Or maybe it’s my brain.  Hey, you be the judge.

I feel the need to tell everybody about me.  Not that i’m very important in the world as those things go.  But I’m Jewish and we’re very big on public confession.

Besides, I have a fatal condition - I’m alive.  So this is one of those “it’s urgent that I tell somebody everything before I kick off” kinds of thing.

Every once in a while - you may get an opinion out of me - but only if I have to write one.  Or, if anybody asks.  I am sort of an information slut.  Just ask me.  I’m easy.

And everything I say is absolutely authoritative.  I promise.  At least I think it is.  Relatively speaking.

So don’t touch that dial.  I promise more before I’m thru.

Lie back.  Relax.  And enjoy it.  But don’t close your eyes.  Otherwise everything will go dark and unlike sex, it won’t get any better.

Until the next time.